Just like an artiste said ” I don go many places, i don see many faces” but there’s this lady who is too much. As we grow old, we realize it is less important to have lots of friends, and more important to have real ones.
In 2019, i met a new friend, one whose beauty and attire was my first point of attraction. The beauty? I’ll leave her maharam to describe that but the attire? I’ll describe myself. This whole friendship started with a call on a bright morning in University of Lagos, a lady was trying to reach out to the general class governor of Arts and Social Science Education (M.Ed Class). Let me not bore you with the details of the call but i could remember ending the call with ” you can’t see me with your glasses”, we both laughed. I was like gosh, that was too much from me, most especially with an hijabi (those we call Alhaja) who most including myself believe are too rigid and strict, Ma’rufah is flexible and playful mehn, i thought to myself.

From that very call to being regular sit partners in classes, to she being my Unofficial but official Deputy, to she being my class imposed wife (i still laugh at those days when i was called on different occasions to give her a trial by friends who really said we were compatible). Ma’rufah became the best thing that happened to me in 2019, my confidant, adviser, faith reminder, food partner, night class associate, defender and never will she forget to scold me anytime i err.

I gained admission to pursue my second degree with an intention to just school and just get out of school back to work but nah i met some amazing people who changed the narrative among which Ma’rufah spearheaded.

In a nutshell, Ma’rufah is amazing, Marvelous, Fantastic, Lovable, Beautiful, Religious and above all a Trouble maker. I forgot to tell you that she’s a scholar and lover of scholars, hence why she walks with scholars.

To the best person of the year 2019 who’s still at the top of my 2020, if not that i can’t tell someone’s wife i love her, only you understands how i feel about you and the rank which you are amongst the women in my life.

Cheers to a new year Ajoke!!!

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