The following questions will guide our study this evening; Why do you visit shopping malls when you can patronize iya sule in your area?What's the meaning of the #99.99 on the counter?Who makes more profit between shopping malls and iya Sule in your streetWhy does your charges change when you get to the counter? To … Continue reading SHOPPING MALLS OR IYA SULE


Shel Silverstein must have thought about us when he said “How many slams in an old screen door? Depends how loud you shut it. How many slices in a bread? Depends how thin you cut it. How much good inside a day? Depends how good you live ’em. How much love inside a friend? Depends … Continue reading BFF (BEST FRIEND FOREVER)


FOCUS is like a walking stick to a blind man…When he loses the way, it guides him..Gives him the touch of his path..As he moves towards his destiny. Focus is like a shoot of the tree..It guides the branches in alignment..When one branch falls off..The tree still has hope of growing. With focus, mountains are … Continue reading FOCUS


BHAGA Big Hairy and Audacious Goal A goal that is insane, a goal that only you can believe in.A goal that is so huge, powerful and seductive, that it becomes your singular obsession.A goal that is also very capable of driving you quite mad.A BHAG is a secret power simply because it will drive its … Continue reading BHAG


A BRIEF LETTER TO MY FATHER -BlackPoet Papa,—the assemblage of grey hairsthat catnapped on the follicles of your headheaped my memories with outlandish reflections;that one day—some strange palms will pat mytender arms,with threnodies dancing—on their solacing tonguesIf you flail your wings to the next worldwho will patter to my ears—those ramrodding whispers of yourslike the … Continue reading A BRIEF LETTER TO MY FATHER


THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY -BlackPoet behind their telling tongueslies their thirsty throats behind their bleeding bellieslies their battered bluffs behind their hungry hutslies their haunted houses behind their ramshackle revelationslies their rebellious rhetorics behind their pleading plateslies their pitying plagues behind their stagnant stareslies their soothing seers Olowo Qudus (BlackPoet)