Patriotism as expounded by different sources among  others is the love for one's country, devotion to the welfare of one's compatriots as well as the passion which inspires one to serve one's country. Step on the the American flag and face the wrath of America, step on the Nigerian flag and see how negligent my countrymen are. The love  for one's country begins from the love of her colours and emblem proceeding to the strong affirmation of her as a sovereign state.

Arise O compatriot
Let us lift our nation high
Under any circumstances
With dedication and selflessness
Not forgetting that this nation is ours.

To Serve Our Fatherland
Let us stand to serve the country of our ancestors, the country of our origin and birth,
Believing we have no other place as nowhere can be like home.

With Love and Strength and Faith
Let us have an intense feeling of affection and care towards this nation,
Putting up all our strength in fighting for her unity,
Having the faith that Nigeria will rise against all odds to be a better Abode again.

The Labour of Our Heroes Past shall never be in Vain
Men have come,
Men have gone,
They came believing in this state,
Likewise, they left with their hope raised high believing their efforts won’t be in Vain.

To Serve with Heart and Might
Let make this state occupy the seat of understanding and Will in good sense,
Holding it firm from the 3 arks with all our power, strength and force,
With courageous spirit jeered by the love force.

One Nation bound in Freedom
Peace and Unity


BAMBI (Dedicated to an admirer)

Let no flies perch on your skin of prime
For I will slay them, and forever in sublime
Grace of roses of winter, so is your spade of heart
You are goddess; for every man doff their hat

Ecstasy upon ecstasy and upon fantasy
In other maidens, throat of luxury is all I see
For in my diary are encyclopedia of your meaning
Thou shall belong to me, Bambi halt, why running

Night we both spent, beside burning charcoals
With gossips of belated thy love foes
Let me adore your waist with hurdles of beads
And may the galaxy of stars count our deeds

O! Bambi, when shall we commit?
Shall I stroll my fingers into your clit
Or shall we connect in magnetic sensation?
Let me unclothed you; let thy be no objection

Sweet folks, sweet glows of tribulation
Let us snub those taboos of thy tradition
My palms aches to rob-off your wrapper
Let tonight commit a solid murder

My throats gulps no juice of serenade
But in veils, your beauty is made
Let us moan, in those silent night
For your body I caress like a brave night

O! Bambi, if I leave forever
Dare not; fall in bathe of lover ever
Read not my poems; stare not my pictures
For they are just thorns of wild captures.

(c) Olowo Qudus De poet
All right reserved.