Yes, I am male!
A child born after the zygote formed in the uterus of my mum, why then am I different?
A child who cried just like every other child, why then am I different?
Yes, I am male!
The unnecessary hype of the male child begun right even before leaving the delivery room, the doctor comes out with a popular phrase, “It’s a Boy”.
Right there, my burden starts
Being a male is uneasy.
Being a male means standing alone because in a world like ours, we teach males to suppress their emotions instead of expressing them. We tell them that needing a woman means being weak. And so they never choose love because they are strong, independent beings. We make men scared to let someone in, to talk about who they are, to be seen by another. We tell them that they are the ones in-charge, so they never learn to ask for help and when they do they feel ashamed.

The burden of being a male child weighs me down everyday and night.
My emotions,pains,shortcomings are within my reach.
Which i must keep to myself so as to avoid being tagged a coward by the society.
People make mistakes but once i made mine the society thinks i am incompetent,a coward,incomplete,not man enough all because i was birthed a male.
My parent sees a son.
My wife sees an husband.
My offsprings sees a father.
But,the society sees a superman.
Sometimes i need to fast for forty days and nights just to put manner on the table.
Why? That a question i must answer.
The reason is that i got responsibilies i must cater for.

Strive like a man
Roar like a lion
Howl like a wolf
What a Social Construct!

Pain in no covenant with my mean society
They said in my ribs they made women
So shall I be Samson to them
What a Social Construct!

Being a male is not being a lion,
Being a boy is not being a wolf,
My spring tears omitted
Like a false truth
My compliant mocked
Like a vain and love preacher
What a Social Construct!

Father said, I am Caesar
Mother said, I am a Zeus
But they call sister a feeble cast
And that I only a spear of war

Oh! Earth being a male
Is it being a god?
Left alone that I thought!


10 thoughts on “BEING A MALE

  1. What a nice content nigga! The world need to know what it takes to be a male child. More ink to your pen Bro.
    NB: we need content on female child too


  2. A great workpiece.

    Our society should be aware that the male child is subjected to challenges of life and needs to be supported and praised.

    I see we do more of these in the future.


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