The following questions will guide our study this evening;

  1. Why do you visit shopping malls when you can patronize iya sule in your area?
  2. What’s the meaning of the #99.99 on the counter?
  3. Who makes more profit between shopping malls and iya Sule in your street
  4. Why does your charges change when you get to the counter?

To start with, no pun intended with the name “Iya Sule”

1.Why do you visit shopping malls?

Most of us visit supermarkets around instead of patronizing our regular for the underlisted reasons;

a. Pride; 😄 me sef wan feel among now, I want make people say I get money for spar or shoprite now, I wan carry fancy nylon make people know say I don blow now

b. Search for quality; Most of us visit the supermarkets because we feel that’s the home of quality, truly no outlets want to be found wanting selling inferior goods but Iya Sule sef get quality now😊

c. Best Place for multiple shopping; Many household visit shopping malls because that’s where they can get to purchase all their needs and wants. Remember say no be everything Iya Sule dy sell now.

Honourable mention

Most of you visit the shopping mall to snap pictures🤣
Moving forward to the next question;

  1. Whats the meaning of #99.99 on the shelf?

To be candid, those prices with Kobo are just an invitation to buy, most of these products ends up racking up up to extra 5naira and even more depending on the VAT (value added tax) on them. Forget the prices, e sure say you no pay less than 100naira for such product. Human being like deceit abi🤣, Na 100naira Iya Sule go call am for you straight as per she no get fancy nylon except black nylon now🤣

In the same vein, let me explain question 4 before the third one;

“Why does your charges change when you get to the counter?”

Under this context I’ll be explaining two different concepts;
a. V.A.T
b. Invitation to treat
A value-added tax, formerly known as Sales tax in Nigeria, is a type of tax that is assessed incrementally. It is levied on the price of a product or service at each stage of production, distribution, or sale to the end consumer.

Most of the products you see on the shelf are VAT inclusive, hence why your charges increase stylishly when you get to the cash counter

An Invitation to Treat is essentially an invitation to someone to make an offer. It is not offer itself. Many issues have arises in the past about price changes even many forms have gone to court because of this style. An Example of court submit below;

Pharmaceutical company of Britain Vs Boot Cash Chemists LTD 1953; Items displayed for sales are invitations to treat

Both VAT and Invitation to Treat are the secret agents changing the face of your invoice before you get to the cash counter

I remember years ago, with two of my friends at Shoprite in surulere, we were broke so we’ve used our head to calculate our anticipated expenses of around 12k only to get to the counter to see an additional 500naira or so🤣

I remember we had to drop one of our bread to balance our bill

Finally, who makes more profit between the shopping mall and Iya Sule?

I’ll be as explanatory as possible here.

Let’s assume the cost of producing Commodity X is 420naira per unit, the producer will sell to his ever ready wholesalers for around 520naira per unit (i.e 100naira profit per unit).
The regular wholesalers will sell to their retailers (Iya Sule inclusive) for 600naira who in turn sell on the street for 650naira (50naira per unit).

If Iya Sule sell 100units of Commodity X, She’ll make a profit of 5,000naira (100units× 50naira).

Pathetic you say😢
Most shopping malls like Shoprite, Spar, Mallmart, Olive etc buy directly from the producer or distribution agent (this in rear cases).

Two assumptions;
Let’s assume they buy directly from the producer at the same price every regular wholesalers will buy at 520naira per unit, at the end of the day they’ll sell to you and I at an outrageous price of 635naira (outrageous because their prices ought to be low considering they bought directly from the producer)

At price 635naira, if Shoprite sell 100units like Iya Sule they’ll make a profit of 11,500naira (115profit × 100units)

Ha ha ha!!!
You see am so?
I know say iya Sule own na 650naira but Shoprite na 635naira, but who made more profit?
Na Shopping malls now

Honourable addition;

Most of these shopping outlets will still sell far above that price because they want to make super profit.

It’s business and business is business.
But unto say I like Iya Sule, it is morally not alright to charge more for same satisfaction.

You said packaging?
Fancy nylon?

Customer relations? (Iya Sule wicked now, na everyone she dy fight😄)

But the fact is that those shopping malls make outrageous profit off these products but we go still visit them like I explained in my first question.

Jumia did invitation to treat recently during Black Friday,

Mo ya cancel order yen🤣

Now I rest my case



  1. Nice Write-up
    If Iya Sule Get Good Customer Service… she go still they see her own benefits. And man must snap good pictures in mall too, as per everyone wan show flex. All in all… we suppose dey buy some stuffs wey we fit get for iya sule side… no be everytime we go dey show off.

    Liked by 1 person

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