A Big Hairy and Audacious Goal

A goal that is insane, a goal that only you can believe in.
A goal that is so huge, powerful and seductive, that it becomes your singular obsession.
A goal that is also very capable of driving you quite mad.
A BHAG is a secret power simply because it will drive its bearer to do whatever is necessary to achieve it. It is an incredible obsession that could be a two-edged sword.

Now you’re asking yourself which BHAG can you set for yourself, all you need do is take your time to reflect, think of a goal that looks almost impossible because of your present state but that which is outrightly possible to achieve, set a goal that scares you as well as motivate you.

A typical example is the poor Conrad Hilton working as a car cleaner often going to the biggest hotel in the universe in other to survive, while doing that menial job, he set a BHAG to own the biggest hotel in the world, that was quite crazy being a poor boy but all he did was to keep his head high and work hard and smart to achieve his goal.
In other for him to always remember his goal, he snapped the hotel and keeps it in his cap everyday while going out.
Conrad Hilton ended up being the biggest hotelier in the world by acquiring the biggest hotel, he achieved his BHAG, read his book “Be my Guest” for more knowledge on his goal.

Remember a BHAG without a smart effort will continue to be dream. Set a BHAG and believe in God.

Olowo Saheed

18 thoughts on “BHAG

  1. Wow! Nice write up. I was so eager to read it because of the tittle “Big Hairy”. So motivational. More inks to your pen Mister!

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  2. My BHAG is crazy and I usually wonder if I will be able to achieve this…With your write up,I believed now that no dream is un- achievable…..Thanks

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  3. Wow!! This write up motivate me , I always think can I achieve this? But now I know everything can be achieved only when you plan for it.

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  4. I love this…….. It’s a lovely write up and it’s looks like a hot morning tea to take and go out there to make impact. It makes huge task easier. Thanks for sharing this.

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  5. Wow ! Alhamdulillah……This write up really motivate me…I can pursue my goal now without being scared …. Thanks bro


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